Our company is getting closed to have two decades of history in the high voltage testing equipment. We have been inventing the high voltage oil free energy capacitors, which can have extreme high current ratings. Our impulse generators have the highest energy ratings and lowest inductance in the market, which allows higher loads at the test objects. We have a passion for high current and voltage and we love everything below microseconds.

Made in CH and EU

To be able to have the highest access to quality, we decided to leave all our production and R&D in Switzerland and Europe. The price pressure from Asia is high, but by increasing the production depth and investing in automation it is possible to keep a very good balance. By manufacturing our own capacitors and fibreglass we did manage to reduce a lot our costs. In-sourcing allows higher flexibility and can help shifting physical limits. We are ISO certified.

Custom Designs

Since the High Voltage is a very special field of technology and physics, almost no project is alike, which requests flexibility in the design and also to adapt the physics to the needs of the customer. Besides the generators, which have a high flexibility, we also make custom solutions, like automated testing for production or R&D projects, where pulses far below a microsecond are needed. Please contact us for your requirements.